Esports is becoming one of the fastest growing sports around the globe and BetoBet offers decent experience to players. For certain people, eSports may look like playing video games, but there’s that goes beyond it appears. With the ability to communicate well for team-based competitions, eSports relies on skill confidence, trust and confidence with your teammates.

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eSports: What is It?

The idea that video gaming could be played as a competition first emerged in the 70s, however the popularity of it grew about two decades later. The advent the popularity PlayStation and Xbox contributed to the growth of amateur sports and professional play also started to take off in that time. Since then, it’s become all system go. over 420 million viewers watched eSports during the year 2018.

With eSports seeking to expand towards professional games on smartphones, the market is on the rise , and platforms like Twitch can help bring games to the masses. A few of the most loved games, like Call of Duty, Overwatch Sports and League of Legends are among the most popular eSports-focused games with live streams frequently available through Twitch as well as YouTube.

The professional sport has been growing from growth to strength since 2010, and has helped increase competition between teams. With traditional sports teams diversifying into eSports it’s only an issue of time before we see TV take the initiative to air the most important events.

eSports: The Finances Continue To Soaring

Fortnite was a huge success in the world of eSports in 2018. The game was completely free to download across all platforms, and was a huge success among players from the general public as well as professional gamers. With prize pools that exceeded $100 million in 2018 Fortnite set the standard for lucrative deals to teams that win and is currently an extremely played game on Twitch.

The year 2015 was the most successful for eSports. eSports brought in $325 million in revenue across the world. In 2016, that number increased into $493million. Initial reports suggest that the total worldwide revenue for 2019 is $1.1 BILLION. eSports is the latest big thing , and BetOBet is your spot to go for the latest as well as future eSports information.

eSports betting is the Future

Traditional sports and casino games always tend be a source of attention, however, as eSports continue to expand and TV companies begin to invest in the broadcasting of major events, the demand for betting on these events will grow. What is certain is that eSports may become among the top loved gambling sports.

Where will eSports get to from now? It is the right infrastructure to ensure the future and it’s time to take advantage of these events. Fans of eSports and viewers who are regulars will be aware everything about major events , but staying on top of the most current calendar is crucial. There is no limit to what you can do with Esports and its rapid rise is not showing any signs in slowing.