The section for BetoBet games on TV is among the best and appealing spots for gamblers who enjoy gambling and appreciate the opportunity to chat with a dealer in real time from a studio during the game.

You’ll find the link that will access this section at the top line of horizontal hyperlinks, in the top right-hand part of the webpage. It’s located in between the links to virtual Sports as well as Bingo.

If you go to the section, you’ll be able to see that it’s divided into two sections. On the left side is The TV Bet section, and on the right side is that of the Lotto Instant Win.

This is the TV Bet section in detail

This section will highlight games that you can pick from:

  • like a wheel
  • poker live,
  • 1bet live,
  • 7bet live,
  • 21bet live,
  • keno.

In the center, you’ll be able to see the dealer in the studio that runs the games.

Each game is played in a separate area, with a designated dealer you can choose more casino games on the link !

If you want to view the image in full-screen There’s an option to accomplish that. Below are the results from the last five games.